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  • Prime Video's Reacher is the top series of 2023, adored by audiences for Alan Ritchson's portrayal of the lone wolf vigilante.
  • The fourth episode, "A Night at the Symphony," sees Reacher and his crew coming face to face with a biker gang.
  • Reacher Season 2 is based on the book "Bad Luck and Trouble," showcasing loyalty, revenge, and justice, with Ritchson delivering a perfect performance as Jack Reacher.

As reported yesterday, Prime Video's Reacher has been crowned the top series of 2023 on the streaming platform, and with good reason — audiences adore Alan Ritchson's portrayal of the lone wolf vigilante. The show's second season has been universally acclaimed by critics and audiences are loving the Big Guy being back on their screens. Collider is thrilled to partner with Prime Video to bring our readers an exclusive sneak peek at the fourth episode of the series, "A Night at the Symphony", as the series steamrolls its way to a violent conclusion. And here's the good news — it's already been renewed for a third season.

The clip features Reacher and his crew, having attempted to infiltrate a formal event, being confronted by a gang of bikers and — let's be honest, folks — we know what's about to happen to the bikers. You mess with those turkey-sized fists, you're not gonna have much to be thankful for. The clip is sure to delight the massive increased audience on Prime Video, which is already up 50% on last year's viewership.

In our review of the series, Collider's Nate Richard gave the series a 9/10 and hailed it as the "crème de la crème of Dad TV", adding that it wasn't even a guilty pleasure, but just good television, and who could disagree? Ritchson is perfect as Reacher and it delivers in every way imaginable.

What is 'Reacher' Season 2 About?

The second season of the series is based on the novel "Bad Luck and Trouble". "Bad Luck and Trouble" is the eleventh book in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. The novel revolves around themes of loyalty, revenge, and justice, and it showcases Reacher's analytical mind and utterly preposterous, yet delightful physical stature and prowess.

It sees Reacher, roaming the country by himself as usual, receiving a cryptic message from a former member of his team, the 110th MP Special Investigations Unit, leading the squad to the conclusion that they are being hunted and taken out one by one. Ritchson reprises his role as Jack Reacher, joined by Maria Sten, Serinda Swan, and Shaun Sipos, who portray key characters in the 110th MP Special Investigations Unit.

Ferdinand Kingsley is also part of the season's cast, playing an assassin labelled a "ghost" by Homeland Security, with Robert Patrick on board as the head of security at a private defense firm with a very dodgy history, and Domenick Lombardozzi as a grizzled NYPD detective who's on the trail of Reacher and his buddies, as well as the bigger picture.

Reacher drops every Friday on Prime Video, check out the exclusive clip down below.


When retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher is arrested for a murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians. With nothing but his wits, he must figure out what is happening in Margrave, Georgia. The first season of Reacher is based on the international bestseller The Killing Floor by Lee Child.

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