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About Orestes Adam

Born from dreams of celluloid, Orestes is a Greek-American writer based in London with degrees in Screenwriting, Film Studies, and Comparative Literature, as well as years of experience in international marketing for Hollywood's biggest studios. A dedicated writer, he loves his characters and pushing them beyond their limits, but in between, relishes in the opportunity to inform his Collider readers on everything they didn't think they need to know about the movies. Whether a beloved rom-com or Cold War propaganda, art-house critical darlings or outstanding B-movie schlock, so long as readers are in search of new movies, Orestes will provide.

Latest Articles

A custom image of modern style text that reads The Longest Movie Title Ever 1
You Aren’t Prepared for the Longest Movie Title Ever

You're going to want to take a deep breath before recommending this one to your friends.

A custom Collider image of Tarzan, Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove, and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch in front of a green background with music notes 1
This Disney Classic Would Have Looked a Lot Different if Not for a Certain Rock Star

Every little thing Disney does is magic...except for this disastrous alternate ending.

Stanley Kubrick with a megaphone and Anthony Hopkins with a film reel background 1
Anthony Hopkins Had a Secret Role in a Stanley Kubrick Movie

Hannibal Lecter never blinks, but even he'd have trouble spotting Hopkins here.

The-Witch-Anya-Taylor-Joy-Ralph-Ineson-Kate-Dickie 1
The Biggest Diva in Robert Eggers' ‘The Witch’ Might Surprise You

They had beef with Ralph Ineson it seems.

holy-flame-of-the-martial-world-feature 1
The 1980s Gave Us One of the Most Bonkers Kung-Fu Movies Ever

If Chuck Jones created a martial arts film, this would be it.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes 1
The 21st Century’s Best Time Travel Movie So Far Is a Low-Budget Rom-Com

You're guaranteed to be chewing on this one for months, two minutes at a time.

Barb-&-Star-Jamie-Dornan-Barbie-Ryan-Gosling 1
Jamie Dornan Flew in ‘Barb & Star’ So Ryan Gosling Could Soar in ‘Barbie’

We're living in the cinematic age of male insecurity and it's beautiful!

Blue-Beetle-1 1
’Blue Beetle’s Pivotal Scene Pays Homage to a Mexican Supernatural Classic

The team behind 'Blue Beetle' embraced Latino heritage in more ways than one.

The-Thin-Red-Line 1
The Best World War II Battle Scene Is Not the One You're Thinking Of

There's no glory at the top of this hill!

Alfred-Hitchcock 1
The Classic Film That Alfred Hitchcock Called "Almost Perfect"

Game recognized game, even back in 1924.

Teyonah Parris in Chi-Raq (2015) 1
Teyonah Parris' First Leading Role Was in Spike Lee's Boldest Adaptation

This Lysistrata adaptation is one of Spike Lee's most ambitious projects to date.

Sandra Hüller in Anatomy of a Fall 1
‘Anatomy of a Fall’ Has the Best Animal Performance of the Year

This canine wonder swept the season harder than Brando in '72!

Jack Nicholson in The Shining with a still from The Phantom Carriage in the background 1
Featured image of Barefoot Gen 1
The World War II Anime That Will Leave You Completely Haunted

And no, it's not 'Grave of the Fireflies'.

skinamarink-Lucas-Paul 1
This Viral Shudder Movie Is One of the Boldest Horror Experiments Since ‘The Blair Witch Project’

This film will transport you to your darkest childhood nightmare.

David-Fincher’s-‘The-Killer’-Wouldn’t-Exist-Without-This-French-Classic 1
The-Thief-of-Bagdad 1
The Fantasy Remake That Was the First Movie to Ever Use Blue Screen

The first movie to use blue screen as we know it still holds up today.

Nosferatu Standing on a ship colorized (1922) 1
How the Horror Masterpiece ‘Nosferatu’ Survived Total Destruction

The original vampire horror film was almost destroyed due to a legal issue with Florence Stoker.

David-Lynch-First-Film-Ever 1
The First Film David Lynch Ever Made Was About a Group of People Vomiting

Lynch was already peak Lynch from the very start.

The-Red-Shoes-Martin-Scorsese 1
Martin Scorsese Championed Restoring 'The Red Shoes' for a Beautiful Reason

Sometimes the best thing that an expert filmmaker can do is give back to that which inspired them.

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