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About Elizabeth Pagano

Elizabeth Pagano is a Brooklyn-based features writer for Collider, where she covers television and movies, focusing on everything from the most niche moments on And Just Like That... and Yellowjackets to more macro takes on underrated movies and actors. She has been writing about TV and film for almost three years and is driven most by important stories about women and the convergence of humor and drama. Just as much as she loves watching high-stakes shows, she always makes time to rewatch her OG favorites, Gilmore Girls and The Real Housewives. A few of her favorite shows right now are The Morning Show, Somebody Somewhere, Mrs. America, The Great British Bake Off, Lenox Hill, and Yellowjackets. She will watch anything with Cate Blanchett in it and thinks that Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is criminally underrated. In her free time, she likes to scuttle around Brooklyn, go bouldering, and consume large quantities of salt and vinegar chips. On top of that, she's currently on a quest to pet a corgi.

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'American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

Please, Ryan Murphy, make it stop.

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Jon Hamm, Tig Notaro, and Nicole Beharie join Season 3 of 'The Morning Show,' which only worsens this major issue.

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