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Blended image showing characters from Eight Crazy Nights, All I Want for Christmas Is You, and The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa 1
The 10 Best 'So Bad, It's Good' Animated Holiday Movies, Ranked

Lumps of coal you can actually enjoy!

The 25 Best Animated Movie Villains, Ranked  1
The 25 Best Villains in Animated Movies, Ranked

These villains are the baddest to ever live on the animated big screen.

carol-and-the-end-of-the-world 1
'Carol & the End of the World' Review: A Joyous Series About Finding Life Before Death

This sublime animated show asks life's biggest questions like "What does it all mean?" and "What if we made out next to the abandoned Applebee's?"

A still from the film Pinocchio 3000 featuring a robotic Pinocchio with a massively extended metal nose 1
The 10 Worst Animated Movies of the 2000s, According to Letterboxd

The 2000s produced some of the worst animated movies.

The 10 Best Netflix Original Animated Movies 1
The 10 Best Netflix Original Animated Movies

Disney Plus isn't the only place you can watch great original animated movies.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 1988 1
The 10 Best Animated Crime Movies, Ranked

They're not bad. They're just drawn that way.

spy-family-movie-featured 1
‘Spy X Family Code: White’: Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

The Forgers are taking their adventures to the big screen this winter.

Stills from American Dad, Rick and Morty, and Family Guy 1
The 10 Best Adult Animation Holiday Episodes and Specials, Ranked According to IMDb

Who says adult animation can't show a bit of holiday cheer?

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A scene from Persepolis. 1
The 10 Best French Animated Movies, Ranked

French animation has made a significant impact on cinema, and these movies are the best example.

Deku with green hair, blood, and smiling in My Hero Academia Season 3, Episode 4,  1
Alastor the  1
'Hazbin Hotel': Everything We Know So Far About the A24 Animated Series

A24 wants to dip their fingers in this viral YouTube pilot!

guillermo-del-toro-pinocchio-on-ship 1
The 10 Best Animated Movies of the 2020s So Far, Ranked

2020 has already had some amazing animated movies.

an animated boy with dark hair and green eyes in The Tiger's Apprentice 1
‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ Trailer Teases a Great Evil and an Even Greater Adventure

The film, starring Henry Henry Golding, Lucy Liu, Brandon Soo Hoo, Michelle Yeoh, and more, is coming exclusively to Paramount+ next year!

Split image showing King Triton, Mufasa, and King Julien with a golden crown in the background. 1
The 10 Best Kings From Animated Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

"There's more to being a king than getting your way all the time."

Tom Ellis voices the GodCat in Exploding Kittens 1
'Exploding Kittens': Teaser, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

They are not coming for belly rubs and treats but to unleash meow-hem of epic purr-portions!

Rick and Morty from Rick & Morty jumping universes 1
The 15 Best Animated Shows of the 21st Century, Ranked According to IMDb

From killer books to wholesome dogs.

A still from Deep Sea.  1
'Deep Sea' Review: Gorgeous Animated Film Fights Through Stormy Waters

Though you've probably seen this story before, it's likely never been presented quite like this.

Best Characters Voiced By Bob Holt Featured Image 1
The 10 Best Characters Voiced by Bob Holt

From The Lorax to The Hulk, Bob Holt voiced some amazing characters.

Rocky in the company of english chickens in Chicken Run. 1
20 Best Animated Movies From Your Childhood That You Forgot About

Remember these animated features?

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The Polar Express - 2004 - poster 1
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