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Steven Weintraub launched Collider in the summer of 2005. As Editor-in-chief, he has taken the site from a small bedroom operation to having millions of readers around the world. Over the years, he has interviewed everyone from Christopher Nolan to Steven Spielberg, broken huge scoops that have been confirmed by the people involved, and been extremely lucky to watch massive productions shoot incredible things. In addition, he launched the Collider screening series, which shows huge new movies and TV series before they’ve been released with the people involved. The screening series has taken place in cities around the United States, and many have been held in IMAX.

If you’d like to follow Steven on Twitter or Instagram, you can expect plenty of breaking news, exclusive interviews, and pictures of cats doing stupid things.

Latest Articles

The-Boys-in-the-Boat-George-Clooney-Joel-Edgerton-Interview 1
George Clooney Says His Next Team-Up With Brad Pitt Is "Dark" and "Out There"

Joel Edgerton joins Clooney to talk about ‘The Boys in the Boat,’ why Clooney sympathizes with Steven Spielberg, and which roles made them sweat.

Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Sofia-Boutella-Ed-Skrein-Interview 1
Sofia Boutella & Ed Skrein Reveal Why 'Rebel Moon 2' Is an Actor's Dream

The stars of Zack Snyder's 'Rebel Moon' share their favorite scenes from the two-part movies, which projects made them nervous, & more.

The-Family-Plan-Simon-Cellan-Jones-Interview 1
Mark Wahlberg Channeled His Inner Vanilla Ice for ‘The Family Plan’

Director Simon Cellan Jones explains why having Mark Wahlberg sing wasn't just for laughs and teases their next upcoming project 'Arthur the King.'

The-Holdovers-Dominic-Sessa-Interview 1
'The Holdovers' Breakout Dominic Sessa Reveals How Paul Giamatti Helped Find His Confidence

Sessa discusses his debut role, what he learned on set, which scene was most difficult, and if he'll continue acting.

Guillermo-Del-Toro's-Cabinet-of-Curiosities-Brings-a-Beloved-Framing-Device-Back-To-Life 1
Rian Johnson and Guillermo del Toro Helped Shape 'Leave the World Behind'

Director Sam Esmail reveals Johnson’s and del Toro’s contributions to the movie, how Julia Roberts got involved, his favorite needle drops, and more.

Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Charlie-Hunnam-Michiel-Huisman-Interview 1
Charlie Hunnam Reveals Why He Made a Director Cry When He Showed Up for a Costume Fitting

Hunnam & Michiel Huisman also talk about why ‘Rebel Moon’ was such a great experience & which projects made them the most anxious before filming.

Zack-Snyder-Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Interview 1
The 'Rebel Moon 2' Scene Zack Snyder Was Nervous to Film

Snyder also shares what he's most excited for fans to see in both films and what it was like directing fans at CCXP.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan custom image for their new movie The Family Plan 1
Why Michelle Monaghan Made Out With Tom Cruise on Her Honeymoon

Mark Wahlberg also discuss upcoming projects, why 'The Family Plan' is perfect for the whole family, and tons more.

Family-Switch-Weezer-Rivers-Cuomo-Brian-Bell-Interview 1
Weezer's "Undone (The Sweater Song)" Is Getting a Sequel [Exclusive]

Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell chat about their cameos in Netflix's 'Family Switch,' tour plans, a brand-new sequel song, and working with AI.

Stars Hüller and Christian Friedel The Zone of Interest interview 1
’The Zone of Interest’ Stars Reveal the Extremely Unusual Way They Filmed the Award-Winning Movie

Sandra Hüller and Christian Friedel discuss the enormous impact and the high pressures Jonathan Glazer's unique filming technique had on the movie.

Zack Snyder directing Charlie Hunnam on the set of Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire 1
How Zack Snyder's 'Rebel Moon' Went From 'Star Wars' to Two Movies on Netflix

Check out our exclusive interview for all things 'Rebel Moon,' his filmography highlights, & his violent, sexy animated series 'Twilight of the Gods.'

Genie-Richard-Curtis-Interview-1 1
Richard Curtis Reveals Why Editing ‘Love, Actually’ Was Like Playing Three-Dimensional Chess

The 'Genie' writer & producer discusses his obsession with Christmas, Melissa McCarthy's contribution to the movie, & 'Love, Actually' 20 years later.

Monarch-Legacy-of-Monsters-Kurt-Russell-Wyatt-Russell-Interview-Q&A(1) 1
Kurt Russell Shares What Snake Plissken Would Do If He Encountered Godzilla

Kurt and Wyatt Russell sit down to talk about the 'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Season 1 finale and which roles made them nervous on set.

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Prime Video's Fallout 1
This Is Where the 'Fallout' Series Lands on the Timeline

Walton Goggins & co-writer and EP Graham Wagner discuss how the show captures everything the fans love in 8 episodes and tons more.

EILEEN-William-Oldroyd-Ottessa-Moshfegh-Luke-Goebel-Interview 1
This Is Why 'Eileen's Original Ending Had to Change

Director William Oldroyd and co-writers Ottessa Moshfegh & Luke Goebel discuss the making of their adaptation & staying true to the original vision.

Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons, and Ren Watabe in Monarch Legacy of Monsters  1
'Monarch' Stars Say the Season Finale Lets the Show go Anywhere In Season 2

Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, & Kiersey Clemons talk about their favorite episodes, character arcs, and what they hope for in Season 2.

Wyatt and Kurt Russell, Mari Yamamoto, Anders Holm, Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemmons, Ren Watabe  1
'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Producers Discuss the Status of Season 2 & Why They Love the Season Finale

EPs Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, and Chris Black also tease their upcoming projects like 'Atlas' with Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, and Sterling K. Brown.

Candy-Cane-Lane-Reginald-Hudlin-Interview 1
How ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Influenced Eddie Murphy's 'Candy Cane Lane'

Director Reginald Hudlin discusses reuniting with Murphy, working with ILM, inventing the Rudolph System, & his next project, 'Black Cotton Star.'

Gary Oldman and Olivia Cooke in Slow Horses 1
'Slow Horses' Producer Loves Making Gary Oldman Eat on Screen

Showrunner Will Smith talks about spinoff ideas, future seasons, perfecting the tone of the show, & working on a bigger scale.

Family Switch director Mcg 1
This Is How 'Family Switch' Brings a Twist of Originality to the Body Swap Trope

Director McG also talks about the throughline of his career from working with Smash Mouth to Netflix, how he got Weezer in the movie, and more.

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